We are developing a full complement of classes to teach self-defense skills, and assist shooters in improving their skills. Private lessons are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration and payment are required to hold a spot in a class. Cancellations made within 48 hours will result in forfeiting 1/2 the cost of the class. The balance may be applied to a future course.

Types of training offered

Basic Gun Handling Skills

This 3 hour interactive class is designed for the new shooter. You will become familiar with all the basic functions of firearms. If you have your own gun, we recommend bringing it to the class (unloaded and in a case- do NOT bring ANY live ammunition).

We will discuss different features present in common handguns, learn safe gun handling skills, basic marksmanship skills, and what to consider when deciding what type of ammunition to use.

Please check the calendar for dates and times, or call or email us for more information

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Intermediate Pistol Skills Class

Topics covered include: mental preparation for shooting, considerations for defensive pistols, tactical & emergency reloads, malfunction clearing, engaging multiple targets, and much more!

Prerequisite: must have attended Basic Handgun Skills Class or equivalent.

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Advanced Pistol Skills Class

This live fire class teaches presenting from a holster with concealment, weak hand shooting, one handed shooting, getting off the X, and shooting from unconventional platforms, much like situations you may encounter in real life. High intensity training will challenge you to maintain speed and accuracy while under stress. This class is designed to be taken multiple times.

Prerequisite: must have attended Intermediate Pistol Skills Class or equivalent.

Equipment requirements: handgun, holster (holster must fit the gun and completely cover the trigger guard), sturdy belt, magazine pouch, 3 magazines, concealment garment, 200 rounds of ammo, eye & ELECTRONIC hearing protection, hat

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Pistol Care & Maintenance

Learn how to protect and care for your investment.

Bring your pistol (unloaded and in a locked case- NO live ammo), cleaning mat, and cleaning supplies. Don’t have cleaning supplies? You can purchase them at the store. We will walk you through the steps of how to properly clean and maintain your firearm and discuss tips and tricks for keeping your firearm in top condition.

Maintenance and care are necessary to keep a handgun in good reliable and safe working condition. Handguns need to be cleaned to ensure accuracy, function correctly and to maintain a long lasting finish that can span several lifetimes. Ideally, your handgun should be cleaned after every shooting session, however, that may not be feasible depending on how often you shoot and how many rounds you send down the barrel.

Most gun parts are made of steel and are blued, case hardened, nickel plated or stainless steel. All metal parts need a light protective coat of oil to prevent rust from atmospheric conditions and to eliminate oils from your hands coming in contact with the surfaces by frequent handling. It is also a good idea to have a silicon cloth or a lightly oiled rag so that finger marks can be wiped off after the gun is handled.

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